Spy cameras have gone mainstream. Anyone can visit eBay and Amazon, or the websites of electronic retailers, and find an assortment of hidden cameras from pens used for business meetings, light bulb, wall adopter charger, ring in your hand, glasses, kids bags, and many other secretly placed cameras at the house, your hotel room or Airbnbs

It’s not just vacation rental properties that come with unwanted features like hidden cameras that spy on you and your family. People are finding them in the strangest of places — hidden cameras are everywhere.

Cameras keep getting smaller and smaller with the advancement of technology in recent years but the camera of the future may add the sense of smell to photographs according to 

Photographs that can stimulate senses other than vision are an interesting idea. For example, a photographer could command the camera to record the smell of the scene, embedding it with the visual image it captured. The ability to add smells to images would need to be optional, though. Adding smells to a photograph of food or a field of flowers would be great, but adding smells to photographs of the monkey house at the zoo might not be desirable.


Security Spy camera manufacturers have been creative in producing some of the most cleverly disguised cameras complete with HD video, motion detection, large SD storage card support and remote controls.

Hidden cameras in items and places you’d never suspect!

1. Spy charger Camera-USB Wall Charger Adapter

This L’avenir Camera looks like a typical USB wall charger. it is a typical USB wall charger, but it also houses a tiny 1080p camera and a slot for a micro SD card. When it senses motion, it records video.


  • this compact spy security camera is a USB charger that charges portable devices and records 1080P Full HD video with wide 90° angles.
  • Quick Plug and Play – A smart cop cam record that doesn’t require Wi-Fi, simply insert a micro SD card up to 32 GB Class 10(not included), plug it into an outlet, record remotely!
  • Advanced Motion Detection –powerful USB wall charger camera adapter Loop Recording and Memory Card Protection
  • you can find this camera and all of these mentioned cameras on Amazon or eBay


2. USB flash drive spy cameras


This camera looks like your regular USB storage sticks and has a hidden camera inside!

The camera lens for these USB stick cameras is usually located on the posterior end of the stick, opposite the USB plug.  this spy camera will blend seamlessly in an office or classroom.

3. Men’s shower gel spy cameras

This camera is disguised as shampoo or body wash bottles. The top half of these sneaky little spy cams is actually a refillable container for legitimate shower gel and the bottom half houses the camera circuitry.

This cam will record only what you want to record

Men’s shower gel spy cameras


4. Bathroom tissue box spy cameras

This spy camera looks like a normal tissue paper box! This one is bigger than the other spy cams but blend seamlessly into a home setting. Just place them on a table or dresser and no one will notice!

Bathroom tissue box spy camera

5.Electrical outlet spy cameras

Electrical outlets are a great place to hide tiny cameras.

the outlets can be placed almost anywhere and a tiny camera can be inserted. there are a lot of holes where

Electrical outlet spy cameras