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Talking Pens (Smart Pens) with Books: The Revolutionary Learning Tool

This is a new method of learning languages. There are more advanced tools that not only simplify learning but also make learning quicker.

A talking pen is one such tool that can make a great difference in the overall learning process of your child. Also known as a smartpen, a talking pen reads out loud vocabularies, paragraphs, and stories in the books that are specifically designed to work with the pen in different Languages like French, English, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese and more……..! You just touch the flag of that country you want your child to learn the language and the pen will translate the image on the book to the language of your choice!  Also, some talking pens come with a recording feature, allowing users to record their own voices.

Around 95% of parents are satisfied with their experience using this talking pen to teach their kids or even learn new language themselves!
With the help of talking pens, the students who often require reading assistance can learn languages without any outside help.

Talking Pen Books

For added privacy, users can use headphones with talking pens. This audio output can also be helpful in learning better pronunciations.
Smart Pens (taking pens) come with multi-language support. Therefore, ESL learners can easily learn another language with the books that are talking pen enabled.

As talking pens have a recording ability, your child can use it to provide his/her voice to any toy and game. This accelerates the learning process. It has been proven that children learn best if learning is blended with fun.
Talking pens come with all the main advantages of modern learning products.
A simple point-and-read method in talking pens makes them easy to adopt. And it is one of the best tools to learn correct pronunciation.

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