FREE Spy Charger Camera

When Chosing a Spy Camera for your home or Business make sure to read our notes if you should Buy A WiFi Spy Camera or No Wifi Camera!

Advantages of WiFi Spy Cameras

  • WiFi Spy Cameras, Home Security Cameras, Nanny’s Cameras, Hidden Cameras are easy to set up and can sit on a tabletop as long as you have access to power nearby, but the Charger Spy Camera is the only one is working 24/7 as a charger and a camera
  • WiFi cameras can be more affordable because they don’t require professional installation.
  • Footage from your camera is often backed up to the cloud so you can remotely view your cameras
  • Cameras can literally be picked up and moved, as long as there is a power point nearby; WiFi means they don’t need cables to transmit the data.

Disadvantages of WiFi Spy Cameras

  • WiFi cameras require power access!
  • WiFi cameras is subject to dropouts, especially outdoor cameras where structures such as buildings and trees can block internet signal.
  • Video is limited with WiFi cameras because of the cost to upload the video to the cloud.

If you’re still not sure whether a Spy camera is a good investment to provide security for your loved ones and possessions, here at Lavenirvr we offer a Spy Charger Camera where you can have a memory card installed and download to your computer without the need to a battery, it’s recording 24/7

Our Verdict is…… Buy a Spy Camera Charger where you can have all your videos on a memory card with the following benefits:

24/7 recording without Charging Battery Clear Image and video without losing internet connection and missing out on anything in your home or office

You can have one Camera Charger in more than one room! check out this offer, you buy 2 Spy Charger camera and get 1 FREE to place in more than one room!